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Sanskrit Modules

Sanskrit Modules (2)

Courses, Lessons & modules to Know Vedic Spiritualism, Yoga, Ayurveda, Mantra & Scriptures.

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Hindi Modules

Hindi Modules (3)

Hindi Modules are specific part of Hindi that you choose and learn in a number of private lessons skipping needs of following whole standard course.   

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Karmakand Modules

Karmakand Modules (3)

For Pandits & Do-it-selvers, stepwise training of doing Rituals and Pujas & exercising Mantras. 

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Astrology Modules

Astrology Modules (2)

Education of Vedic Astrology to Learn Interpreting Horoscopes and Remedy for Problems & Doshas. 

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Yagya Modules

Yagya Modules (2)

Courses & Lessons about how to perform Remedial Yagyas for Problems and Desires.  

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Hinduism Modules

Hinduism Modules (3)

The Courses, Lessons & Modules to acquire rich knowledge of Hinduism and Vedic Culture through scripture like Ramayan.  

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