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In Hindi course you will learn the grammar and literature of Hindi besides the teaching of reading, writing, speaking and understanding Hindi fluently. We start from zero thus from the alphabets and we bring you to advanced knowledge of Hindi. After basic lebel course I, you will be able to communicate with Indian people and follow the TV and Newspapers. Not only this you will also be able to read and understand the literature of Hindi. In Group and E-Mail courses we follow a standard syllabus which includes following stuffs however in Hindi Home lessons, Private lessons & Hindi Modules the syllabus is customized as per your requirements.

  • Hindi Grammar
  • Hindi Textbooks
  • Hindi workbooks
  • Poems
  • Stories
  • Hindi Literature
  • Hindi scriptures
  • News papers
  • Hindi Videos
  • Dialogues
  • Classified Vocabulary
  • Hindi Proverbs

Method of Lessons:
-- Capsule Course
-- Private Lessons
-- Home Lessons
-- Group Course
-- E-Mail Course
-- Module 
-- Zero Lesson

For Capsule Courses a graduation or a brilliant High School degree is desired to prove your learning stamina. For all other courses a High School Degree with good learning stamina and memory is required. There is no pre-requisition for the subject-matter as we start from zero. However learning Hindi letters is your own responsibility and you should do it before 1st lessons. the professor shall only correct your pronunciations and writing mistakes but you must be fully qualified in letters before you follow next lessons.

Zero Lessons:
You may sometimes think whether you are able to pull up the lessons or whether it is a right choice for you ? In that case just book 1 paid lesson and see what you can expect. We call it Zero Lesson. Here you not only can ask your subject matter but also can see other purpectives of courses. For example, you can learn any subject with-in Hindi, Sanskrit, Astrology, Karmakand and Hinduism in your Zero Lesson to determine what actually you want or need to learn. Please be advised that not all Professors teach all 5 subjects. Dr. Pathak and a few others do this. If happy with Zero Lesson, book then the whole batch of lessons at a time. 
Price: £250 (non-refundable / non-adjustable)

Who gives the Lessons:
1. Acharya Dr. D. B. Pathak
2. Dr. Ramanuj Upadhyaya
3. Dr. Vinod Sharma

How to enrol:
Come on Live Chat or Call 24 x 7 on Tel. 020 3286 9700 and book your course. A telephone booking requires the payment with-in 24 hours for standard price and with-in 2 hours in case of toda's and tomorrow's consultations. You can also book consultation on this website by paying online. When you make telephone booking or on live chat, you also get choice to select a date and time. You also will be given the address of our center where the teacher shall be available at that time. At the time of booking please keep your details handy. After we have received your payment we will send you an email with confirmation of appointment and a student numer.


Get In Touch

For questions, payments and enrolments please come on our Live Chat (24x7) or call:

  • 244, 5th Avenue, New York 10001 USA
  • Tel: +1 347 408 1000 | +44 20 3286 9700
  • Email: info@indiainstitute.com

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