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Us laoreet dignissim vel.

Capsule Courses | At a Galance

Capsule Courses are Intensive courses to learn a subject or a language in just 10 days. This is very useful for high level students, professionals, business people and diplomats who can't afford long-time courses but do intend to get communications skills to understand Indian culture or to do business with India and Indians with marginal benefits or to learn about their culture and spiritual inheritences. These lessons are private lessons and can be held at your place or at our place (if avaialble) at no extra charges and no extra travel charges. Moreover a 2nd student gets free lessons that makes this private and intessive lesson more attractive and affordable. As the name says, the course has been structured to keep you in mind and you are tought full basic grammar, writing, speaking, reading and listing en theory plus practical in related subjects. You don't need a pre-qualification for this but you do need to spare 10 days completely for these 5 hours per day lessons including 2 pauses of 10 minutes. Do remeber to have 100% extra time for revision of lessons and homeowrk, or else the target may not be achieved fully. You need to have the skills and ability to learn fast. So for example if you are a doctor, engineer, scientist, professor, teacher or student of a higher study you can pull-up this study well. But if you are not used to learn heavily and fast, you should follow regular courses. The lessons are always customized as per your needs and desires and that you can speak with the professor yourself. The course must be paid fully in advance or may be paid in 2 installment before the last lessons. The lessons may be planned on 10 days within 2 weeks but may also be planned 2 to 4 lessons per week with long intervals if the program of the professor allows that. The lessons may be given anytime between 8.00 and 21.00 hrs in your local time and also in the weekends however the program of the professor requires us to to book them at least 14 days in advance. Capsule Courses are provided for: Hindi, Sanskrit, Vedic Astrology, Hinduism & Karmakand. 

Capsule Courses are structured for 2 levels of education:

Capsule Courses Program I

Progam I is meant for basic education of the subject. For example if you are following Hindi and Sanskrit lessons the basic course means you will learn a short basic grammer and basic stuffs to be able to read, understand, write and speak the language on basic level. You can communicate, speak, converse and write or practice the subject on basis level. 
Course Fee: USD 4,000 - For 10 lessons of 5 hrs. each (Including travel costs)

Capsule Course Program II

Progam II is meant for basic + advanced education of the subject. For example if you are following Hindi and Sanskrit lessons this course means you will learn detailed grammer and basic + advanced level of stuffs to be able to read, understand, write and speak the language on advanced level. You can communicate, speak, converse and write or practice the subject on advance or corporete level. However you start it from zero in all situations. 
Course Fee: USD 11,000 - For 30 lessons of 5 hrs. each (Including travel costs)

Please note that the courses can't be switched once started as both have different syllabuses and study structures. Hence decide beforehand whether your target is Program I or Program II. 

Why Capsule Course ?

Quick Learning

Capsule Courses are meant to learn a language or a subject fast. In conventional group courses you spend months and year to learn them. In Capsule Course you go fast as you are alone so you learn it as fast as in 10 days. 


Unlikely to conventional group courses we go through complate grammar or stuffs those may not be required in your case. In capsule courses your professor customizes the syllabus as per your needs and desires and you learn only key stuffs. 

At your home

The professor takes all the troubles for you and comes to your home or office to give lessons, never mind you are in another corner of the world. So you save your time, energy and costs and get the lessons easiest while doing your work or enjoying regular life. 

In Your Tempo

In capsule courses you can learn fast or slow, you are free to learn in your tempo. You decide yourself what to do and what to leave. This comfort is not available in group courses where you need to walk with other fast or slow students. 

Capsule Courses | Specifications

  • Service Code: #CC1001 / #CC1002. 
  • Name: Capsule course Program I / Program II
  • Type: Private Lessons
  • Location: Your Home / Office
  • Professor: See list of Professors
  • Level of Course: High School
  • Minimum Required Qualification: High School
  • Language Skills Required: English / Hindi
  • No. of Lessons:10
  • Teaching Hours: 5 hours Per Day
  • Number of chapters studied: 5 Per Day
  • Home Study Hours: 5 hrs Per Session
  • Study Books: Not included, see website
  • Starting Date: Any day including the weekends

For Questions & Bookings: 

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India Institute | Sanskrit Courses

In Sanskrit course you will learn the grammar and literature of Sanskrit besides the teaching of reading, writing, speaking and understanding Sanskrit fluently. We start from zero thus from the alphabets and we bring you to advanced knowledge of Sanskrit. After basic lebel course I, you will be able to communicate with Indian people and follow the TV and Newspapers. Not only this you will also be able to read and understand the literature of Sanskrit. In Group and E-Mail courses we follow a standard syllabus which includes following stuffs however in Sanskrit Home lessons, Private lessons & Sanskrit Modules the syllabus is customized as per your requirements.

  • Sanskrit Grammar
  • Sanskrit Textbooks
  • Sanskrit workbooks
  • Poems
  • Stories
  • Sanskrit Literature
  • Sanskrit scriptures
  • News papers
  • Sanskrit Videos
  • Dialogues
  • Classified Vocabulary
  • Sanskrit Proverbs
  • Religious scripture

Method of Lessons:

-- Capsule Course
-- Private Lessons
-- Home Lessons
-- Group Course
-- E-Mail Course
-- Module 
-- Zero Lesson

For Capsule Courses a graduation or a brilliant High School degree is desired to prove your learning stamina. For all other courses a High School Degree with good learning stamina and memory is required. There is no pre-requisition for the subject-matter as we start from zero. However learning Hindi letters is your own responsibility and you should do it before 1st lessons. the professor shall only correct your pronunciations and writing mistakes but you must be fully qualified in letters before you follow next lessons.

Zero Lessons:
You may sometimes think whether you are able to pull up the lessons or whether it is a right choice for you ? In that case just book 1 paid lesson and see what you can expect. We call it Zero Lesson. Here you not only can ask your subject matter but also can see other purpectives of courses. For example, you can learn any subject with-in Hindi, Sanskrit, Astrology, Karmakand and Hinduism in your Zero Lesson to determine what actually you want or need to learn. Please be advised that not all Professors teach all 5 subjects. Dr. Pathak and a few others do this. If happy with Zero Lesson, book then the whole batch of lessons at a time. 
Price: £250 (non-refundable / non-adjustable)


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