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India Institute is an institute for study of Indian Languages and Culture. Based in London the institute provides Group courses of Hindi, Sanskrit, Vedic Astrology, Hinduism & Karmakand in different cities throught United Kingdom. Besides Group courses we also provide Capsule Courses, Private Lessons, Home Lessons and email courses of all subjects for the aspirants who are not comfortable to appear in class-rooms. Oor motto is to bring forward authentic Vedic Knowlede through eminent scholars and professors of these disciplines from India and UK. 

Benefits of our education

  • Authentic courses and lessons by top educated professors 
  • Felxibel as you can follow the lessons even at you home or via email
  • Confortable as you can follow the lessons in evening hours and weekends too
  • Affordable as yu can pay the fees even in installements
  • Reliable as we put practical approach to teach you, where you automatically learn 
  • Take private lessons and call the professor at your home to learn in your own temple
  • Reach that we can provide the lessons from Brighton to Aberdeen: The whole UK

Why India Institute

Originally lessons

Our teachers will teach you the lessons without putting their own doctrine on you. Education must be unpartial and unmanipulated. So when you learn for example Vedas, you will learn from originals and not a version infleunced by sects. 

Learn Classics with advance learning technics

We teach you classics with advanced technology. For example audio-visuals lessons, rolling lessons, capsule course and language laboratory. This makes sure that you really learn and you learn it in interesting methods. 

Learn Intensive

When we teach you we don't want you to devote several years for this. So we give full lessons intensively and efficiently. Complete your courses in months and not in years. 

Learn technically, accurate

Don't be afraid how you will learn it. Our teachers are technically trained to to teach you in best technical manner. Even in groups you get lessons and attentions individually. We convert passive lessons in to activate ones. 


Our Capacity

Vedic Astrology92%

Get In Touch

For questions, payments and enrolments please come on our Live Chat (24x7) or call:

  • 244, 5th Avenue, New York 10001 USA
  • Tel: +1 347 408 1000 | +44 20 3286 9700
  • Email: info@indiainstitute.com

Student Testimonials

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